The virtual office has become very real. The frustration certainly is. 

Water-cooler chats have all but disappeared. We rarely eat lunch together. Opportunities to connect are lost as a result. Information flow, trust and relationships suffer.

Teams find it hard to integrate new hires. The chance to be recognized has shifted to those who are better at being visible in Zoom meetings, online presentations and even chats. This impacts performance, promotions, retention, salary, well-being and happiness. 

Informal events such as online pizza parties or beer tastings may help maintain a sense of community but rarely address key issues or solve personal conflicts, and cannot deepen trust.

We are immersed in a new reality. We seek alternative ways of connecting, working, and solving problems. But leaders still need to lead, projects need to get completed and invoices paid. But how? 
EXPLORERS offers effective, energetic and practical development to make this all possible.

Sit back, listen and learn about trends, issues, tips & tricks and case studies to improve well-being, information flows & human connections in the virtual office environment. These cutting-edge, informative webinars and workshops will quickly help you face key challenges posed by the virtual office environment:

  • COVID Toolkit: Day Planner and Effectiveness 
  • Keys to Team Dynamics
  • Time Management and Resilience 
  • Stress and Change Management for Seven Personality Types
  • The Power of Habit and How to Benefit from Opportunities
  • Recharge! A Practical Guide to Recharging Emotional and Mentally
  • Surviving and Thriving in the Home Office: Effectiveness and Performance
  • Crisis Communication and Change Management Primer 


We (almost invisibly) facilitate informal meetings for teams and colleagues in general where important information is exchanged. While taking it easy, we moderate informal discussions in a “cafe style”, sharing comments, gathering impressions, generating ideas and initiating projects.


When change is permanent and often unwanted, acquire new skills for thriving in the virtual office environment.

  • Energy: How to manage your energy level
  • Resilience: How to adapt to and make the most of unwanted change 
  • Conflict: How to manage and work through conflict
  • SpeechCraft: How to speak with impact


Strong Foundations:

  • Leadership Skills Training:
    • Becoming an Engaging Leader
    • People & Team Building
  • Focusing on Individuals: Goal-setting, Mentoring, Motivation
  • Constructive Problem-solving
  • Assertive Communication

Leading Online: 

  • Leading People, Not Droids, in the Virtual Arena
  • Working with Planned and Unwanted Change in the Virtual Arena
  • Leading Effective Team Discussions Online
  • Crisis Management Online
  • SpeechCraft: Speak with Impact, Online.