Team coaching accelerates the making of a Team out of a group of professionals. A good Team enhances individual strengths, enables free and open communication, promotes autonomous problem solving and accountability, supports and motivates all Team members to perform at their personal best. At the same time, team coaching helps sideline internal politics by making communication and problem solving more open, responsible and direct. When team members resolve conflicts and make more decisions autonomously, more valuable management time becomes available for higher value-added tasks.

Team coaching is a real-time, practical, intense and engaging process for groups of professionals determined to reach a new level in cooperation, dedication and performance. It always starts with an assessment of the current situation through a variety of methods (interviews, tests), creating coaching priorities together with management, then fully dedicating those one or two days to team discussions. As team coaches we work toward an interactive environment where trust and a high level of awareness enable in-depth discussions.

Group discussions address both the “what” and the “how” of working together: we can discuss daily chores as well as create a new strategy or product, while reflecting in real-time on the way the Team works together.

By becoming aware of the patterns, advantages, resources and obstacles of their interactions, Team members are free to make decisions about celebrating, creating or stopping certain patterns of interactions while getting to know and trust each other more. Team coaching also aims to strengthen the role of the team’s leader by giving them the opportunity to demonstrate cooperation and leadership skills while shaping actual projects.

Preparations: initial orientation by management, diagnostic interviews, coaching plan

Time needed: minimum 4×3 hours and follow-up of minimum 1×3 hours 3-6 weeks after the Team Coaching


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