Action learning, which is an s effective method for shared problem solving, is our big favorite. It’s structured problem solving in a group setting with a tight timeframe, and we can apply it to almost any business or personal challenge, producing actionable results within 1.5-2 hours. 

We can use action learning as a one-off problem-solving session, using the group’s wisdom and experience, or apply it to understand and make progress on larger issues within a wider team development project. Action learning is super effective because:

  • it brings a variety of perspectives to a challenge, 
  • supports changing perspectives, 
  • individual and group learning at the same time, 
  • increases the level of trust while being 
  • tightly structured and focused on actionable solutions. 

Teams can use it to make progress on their projects, while peers (such as CEOs, group leaders or project managers) can work together on each other’s challenges. The whole process takes approx. 2 hours.