On our one- or multi-day kayak and canoe discovery trips we take on the challenge of completing a journey together. We experience mutual dependence, problem solving and the range of emotions that go with these. As certified kayak and canoe guides, we provide a safe and structured journey. As team coaches we guide the groups carefully with just as much involvement as needed to reach their goals and reflect on their experience.  

We facilitate an environment where trust can grow and open and direct communication about decisions, conflicts and impressions becomes the norm. These journeys are a catalyst to form Teams. 

Our tour locations in Hungary and elsewhere provide the perfect setting for these journeys of challenge and development: a maze of rivers in the Szigetköz region near the Austrian and Slovakian borders, untamed,  forested areas full of wildlife, windinginterspersed by branches of the Danube River in the Gemenc region in the south, or amazing stretches of pristine blue waters along the white wine paradise of Badacsony at Lake Balaton. We match accommodation types to the purpose of the tour (a wide spectrum from comfortable four star hotels to campgrounds with a shared campfire and joint cookout) and can also provide a safe and clean environment for group discussions in a conference room setting.   

Kayak or canoe journeys range from fun day trips, two- or three- day tours with or without ground support, as requested. Our trips always include a pre-departuren in-depth discussion with management about the development goals, and may include (diagnostic) interviews with team members about the current status and needs of the team.  


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