Having the luxury of time… to think… finally. This is business coaching. Exploring more factors that go into creating a strategy, making a truly informed decision, taking a stand with confidence. Business coaching supports leaders in operative and strategic business contexts. From hiring decisions to strategy, from personal conflicts to team motivation, leadership, credibility, accessibility, the level of personal involvement and delegation and executing change within the organization are just some of the issues we are dealing with as part of business coaching. 

We employ various methods and coaching tools to effectively but gently support your journey toward your goal. While our focus here is the business at hand, we coach a leader as a whole, drawing on personal resources, values and assumptions that have successfully guided them until now. We help create an  environment where leaders feel safe to examine these and make conscious decisions based on rational thinking, values and emotions. Together we create a coaching plan and follow your agenda in shaping your journey.

Time required: approx. 3-10 sessions of 60 minutes each.


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